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One question - Horary chart

Answer a specipic question by Horary chart - one topic

  • 15 דקות
  • 300 שקלים חדשים
  • Online Zoom/Phone/FaceTime

תיאור השירות

If you have one question and you want to get an immediate answer, casting a Horary chart is the perfect solution for you. How It Works? You call and tell me the story - I need as many details as possible in order to understand the situation. Once I understand the issue, I cast a Horary chart. At this point I am going to analyze the chart and get back to you with an answer later. it may take me few hours to get back to you, but most of the time its less than 24hrs. You can ask any question you want about other people as well, but if you are asking on behalf of other people in this case it is advisable to bring them to the phone so that they can talk to me in person.

פרטי איש הקשר

+972 507436379

ההגנה 17, אור יהודה, ISR

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